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Meet CB
(chris carpenter)



Chris Carpenter (CB)


Starting with an idea, a canon t5i and one pair of hands CB43Media is an ever growing Canadian multimedia production company that specializes in many fields, approaching each in their own unique ways. (complete list can be found on the GALLERY tab).

Starting in 2018 Chris picked up a camera and found a passion for shooting portraits and concerts that over time blossomed to working with record labels, restaurants, Celebrities, Music festivals and more.  

With the ever growing digital world we are motivated to bring your visions and ours, to a grander audience through emotional connection and storytelling. CB43Media is athat offers clients a place where you don't need to look elsewhere for answers to questions, marketing, General graphics and much much more. we are willing to go above and beyond for our clients and make sure the productions and projects we are making are exactly what you want and furthermore need. 


Based out of Montreal Canada offering services from the east coast to the west coast we working closely with business owners, musicians and like minded people like us.

CB43media doesnt sleep,

we are here to work day in and day out to manifest and create the content thats needed. With curated portfolios for industries like Music, Automotive, Commercial and weddings we are always looking forward to working with fresh clients that offer new exciting experiences that will teach us a little more than we knew yesterday.

whatever the project may be, big or small. whether you need a 50 man crew or just one photographer for your night out CB43Media has you covered on all fronts!


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